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" This office is very professional and so caring to his patients! "

Sara Dueck

" Dr Block is an amazing chiropractor! And very easy to talk to as well, everyone there is so friendly! The only thing that can get annoying is if they’re running behind, I’ve had to wait 30 mins after my scheduled appointment time but it’s worth it for dr Block "

Rose Machado

" Dr.Dhillon does amazing work! Highly recommended! Such Attention to detail ! "

Myles Posthumus

" Dr. Dhillon is very professional and takes the time to accurately assess your pain. My chronic neck pain was gone within 6 visits. Excellent chiropractor and the staff are also very friendly. "

Cory Jaworski

" I love Dr. Block and recommend her to every person I know that needs a good knowledgeable chiropractor. I always had problems with one of my knees and sometimes would be in a lot of pain after a run. Who knew that a simple heel lift in my shoe could correct it all!? I have seen many chiropractors, had X-rays, but nobody could help me like Dr. Block! "

Joanna Palumbo

" We have been coming to McLeod Chiropractic for the last 17 years! Everyone is treated with respect and dignity when you walk in. I would highly recommend this clinic to any new patients who are looking for a family friendly Chiropractic clinic in Winnipeg "

Cliff Almazon

" Dr.Dhillon is one of the most professional Chiropractors that I have ever met. Any person who has a chance to be his patient is really lucky! "

Mar Ilk

" Dr.Amerjit Dhillon is the best! Trusted him for years! Worth the visit to McLeod Chiropractic! Wouldn’t go anywhere else! "

Ashley Henderson

" Dr.Virgilo is amazing! She’s professional, empathetic to her patients and listens. Definitely recommend her! "

Meital Press

" Dr.Dhillon is the only one I trust to work on my back and he knows exactly where my issues are every time. I highly recommend him. I see him for neck and shoulder issues that give me headaches. Since seeing him, I rarely get them anymore! "

Melissa Stoddart

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